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Washington Junk Yard for Junk Cars - Free Towing to a Local WA Junk Yards

We offer free towing to our Washington Salvage Yard within 24-48 hours. Our Junk yard in WA is the fast way to get rid of your old car. Call us today!


Free Auto Towing to WA Salvage Yards within 24-48 hours  >>

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    Washington Junk Yard

Want to get rid of your junk car? Our Washington Junk Yards provides free towing. Simply fill out the Washington junk car removal form or call us at: 1.888.511.JUNK/5865.

We have experienced, trained operators ready and willing to help and guide you through the junk car removal process.

About Washington Junk Yard
Free Towing in WA
Tax deductible receipt
Title & Keys Required
Avg. pickup time 24-72 hrs
  • Free up your driveway - FREE AUTO TOWING to WA car junkyard
  • Stop paying insurance for a car you are not using.
  • Proceeds from our Washington junk yard will benefit children in need.

Washington - The fast, easy way to get rid
of your junk car in Washington !


Junk Yard in Washington

  • Junk Yards . Org is the alternative to paying for towing, or for selling your car to auto junk yards. We're the easy place to junk your RV, motor home, boat, car, truck, trailer, or motorcycle.
  • All it takes is filling out an easy online form or give us a call at 1.888.511.JUNK. One of our experienced consultants will guide you through the entire process.

Free Towing to Junk Yard WA

Do you have junk cars or scrap automobiles, cluttering your driveway or yard? Have you got a car or motorhome you don't want? Are you tired of the hassle of trying to sell your old car to a salvage yard? We'll tow your used car to junk yards in WA for free!

Free Towing to Salvage Yard WA - Hassle Free!

We'll tow your car to an auto salvage yard near you! Contact us for more info on how we can tow your used vehicle to a salvage junk yard in your neighborhood.

We can tow your vehicle from the entire state of Washington .

Junk Yards Washington - Easy and Fast!

JunkYard . Org can guarantee you a no hassle solution. JunkYard.Org can remove your vehicle to a Washington auto junk yard for free. Our car Junk Yards can dispose of your unwanted car and have it removed within 48 hours of your initial contact with us. It's easy and fast.

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